How to start reading more books this year

How to start reading more books this year
Different book on the table

Do you enjoy reading? Are you always looking for some new books to read?

There are many reasons why you should read more. Reading helps you to get new skills, expand your knowledge and get inspired.

It also makes you smarter, happier, and healthier. But most importantly, it gives you something to talk about with friends and family.

Here we give you some brief but yet quite effective recommendations on how to increase the number of books you will read this year. Ready? Let’s start.

Reading is good for your brain

The bookshelf

Studies show that reading a few minutes per day will improve the quality of your sleep, memory and reduce stress.

Keeping your mind active with reading makes your brain stronger. It helps you to upgrade your vocabulary, promotes creativity and improves concentration.

Furthermore, reading can help with values. While reading you can learn the difference between right and wrong and explore various cultural perspectives and biases.

What is your motivation?

Set goals for yourself and try to reach them, that will be the main motivation. For instance, I will read 30 books this year.

Choose the book that inspires you. What do you like? History, romance, Sci-Fi?

When you read books that you actually want to read, you’ll find it more difficult to quit.

Always have a book with you

Bath with book
Reading book while taking bath

When you always have a book with yourself, you will be surprised how many moments during the day you could be reading and learning.

Waiting in a queue, while having a coffee, waiting for a bus or a doctor, having bath or just in the restroom. So many opportunities. Don’t miss them out. Take a book with you!

Try to read in the morning

Breakfast with book
Having breakfast with book

Morning is a good time to enjoy a few pages of your favourite book. Reading in the morning is better for information retention than reading at night.

Whether being in bed or while having breakfast and coffee, it’s definitely an amazing beginning of the day.

Perhaps it will be quite difficult to do that during the weekdays, but during the weekend why not?

Create the ideal reading environment

Interesting book
The girl is reading a book

Obviously you can’t avoid some distraction, but some you have control over.

One of the main distractions is the phone. Put it on silent or airplane mood for the time of reading, it will certainly help. Turn off TV, music, maybe close the windows if it is too noisy from the outside.

The reading place should be as comfortable as possible, not cold, not hot, have some water next to you, maybe a blanket and enjoy your book.

Use technology

Electronic book
The electronic book

Of course there can’t be anything better than a physical book and many still do prefer physical books over electronic.

But sometimes it’s not convenient to carry a huge and heavy book, or maybe you forget it at home but you still want to read. That’s why you should always have some ebooks. It’s useful while travelling and also more eco-friendly.

There is a possibility you won’t find a certain book in your bookshop, so you can always download it for your Kindle, Ipad or phone.

Read several books at the same time

It helps from getting bored to mix multiple books and choose the one regarding your mood. In the morning you can read a few pages of that adventure book you liked. In the evening maybe you prefer romance.

Don’t be afraid of reading a few books all together. That’s a normal practice.

Make a list of books

To read list
List of books to read

Make a list of books that you are excited to read this year and try to follow it. Add some classic books and books that you have always wanted to read.

Maybe some more books related to your interests and hobbies. Books that your friends have recommended you.

Write it all down not to forget!


Listening to audiobooks is the same as reading it. Most of the popular books are available in audio. Sometimes it’s not possible to read. For example when you drive, walk, do sport or clean the house.

In this case an audiobook is a perfect solution for you. You just need to download it on your smartphone and VoilĂ ! Enjoy.

Before falling asleep

Reading book in bed
Reading book in bed before sleeping

Using your phone before falling asleep isn’t the best idea. Using devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers right before bed can disrupt our circadian rhythm.

To avoid insomnia, try to limit your usage of technology right before bed.

It’s better to replace your smartphone with a book.

20 pages per day

Book in the morning
Reading book and having coffee

Start with small goals. What about reading 20 pages per day?

Most of the people will finish 20 pages in 20-30 minutes. You can read a few pages in the morning while having coffee, a few later while going to work by bus, more five pages after lunch and here you are. You achieved your mini goal.

With time, increase the number of pages.

Write reviews

Reading books is exciting, but to share your feelings and experience is even more pleasing.

After reading a book, share your opinion on different online communities or blogs.

In addition, reviews will help you and others to choose the right book to read.

Take notes

Book and laptop
Book and laptop on the table

One of the most essential aspects in books is discovering numerous inspiring wisdom quotes and messages.

Make a note of it in your notebook or write it down in your phone.

It will be extremely useful in the future.

Find a reading buddy

Couple reading book
Reading buddies in rhe forest

It is always easier to read in a company. Try to find a friend who is as keen on reading as you.

Encourage each other, inspire, share tips and recommendations, share your feelings, create challenges.

It will make reading effortless for both of you.

Join a book club

Book club
Friends in a book club

You can always join a book club, offline or online, both options work.

That is the place where you can always share your recommendations, reviews, listen to other people and get inspired.

Additionally, it’s a perfect place to meet new friends with similar interests and hobbies and find your future reading buddy.


Now you know the best tips which will help you to make reading books more attractive and pleasant.

Don’t waste a minute, pick up the book and start reading today!