Benefits of Newspaper Reading for Students

Newspapers, whose roots date back to the early 17th century, have become entrenched as an indispensable aspect of our daily routines. However, for many, newspapers go beyond mere printed sheets; they serve as vital conduits to the wider world, helping many to deal with porno (for example) and go beyond our immediate environment.…

How to Overcome common challenges new readers face

Have you ever stared down at a book, eager to dive in, but found yourself a few pages later feeling lost and discouraged? You’re not alone! Picking up a new reading habit can be like learning any new skill – it takes practice and a little know-how to overcome the initial hurdles.…

The Enchanting World of Bookish Merchandise and Collectibles

A Lego minifigure of the fictional character Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series.

In a world where digital books and e-readers have become increasingly prevalent, there’s still something undeniably magical about holding a physical book in your hands. For many avid readers, books are not just a source of knowledge and entertainment but also objects of deep affection and reverence. This affection has given rise to a captivating niche within the world of literature and reading – the world of bookish merchandise and collectibles.

In this context, “bookish merchandise” and “collectibles” encompass a …

Books for Better Sex: The Ultimate Reading List

books better sex

Hey there! Let’s talk about sex, baby! But hold up, before you open up your laptop and start browsing the internet for some ‘educational material’, let’s talk about why books are a much better option than porn.

Sure, porn may be accessible and tempting and have women with gros seins (that is French for big boobs), but it’s not the best source for learning about sex.…

12 must-read mystery novels for summer vacation

mystery novels

Summer is just around the corner, and nothing pairs better with a warm breeze and a refreshing drink than a good book. If you’re a fan of mystery novels, you’re in luck because there are plenty of great releases to choose from this year. I’ve done the research and narrowed down the top 12 mystery novels that are sure to keep you entertained throughout your summer vacation.…

How to start reading more books this year

How to start reading more books this year
Different book on the table

Do you enjoy reading? Are you always looking for some new books to read? There are many reasons why you should read more. Reading helps you to get new skills, expand your knowledge and get inspired.

It also makes you smarter, happier, and healthier. But most importantly, it gives you something to talk about with friends and family.…

Top 15 Best Fantasy Books

When you read a fantasy book, you travel through impossible worlds, with fantastic creatures, magic, and lots of adventure. But did you know that fantasy books can be very different from one another? We’ll help you figure out which sub-genre is right for you, and whether or not you should start a saga.

After that, just choose your next read among the 15 best fantasy books we have ranked in this article. In our ranking there are famous authors like …

How to choose a good book to read?

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”.

What is a metaphor, a popular saying, for us readers – and for those who are just starting out – may be a primordial tip for choosing a good book to read.

Between us, there is not a single way, the most correct way to choose a reading. Each reader has his or her own methods, and it is paramount to remember that the main factor of choice will still be personal taste.…