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Martha Osgood
Back Words Indexing

Since 1996

author of the index in
Inside Indexing:
the Decisionmaking Process

by Sherry Smith & Kari Kells







Back Words Indexing 

  Back-of-the-Book Indexes
     for Publishers and Authors

      "You're going to love the way your book ends!"


Back Words Indexing
writes conceptual back-of-the-book indexes
balancing the needs of the reader,
the intent of the author,
and the requirements of the publisher

2008 Hines Award Winner

     "It seems to me that the apparatus of contemporary scholarship is comparable to a very large store which, though it keeps a great variety of goods, yet is totally confused and in disorder, because all items are mixed up, because no numbers or letters of an index are displayed, and because inventories or account ledgers which could throw some light on the matter are missing.

     "The larger the mass of collected things, the less will be their usefulness. Therefore, one should not only strive to assemble new goods from everywhere, but one must endeavor to put in the right order those that one already possesses."

                          ~ Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz