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Sherry L. Smith, and Sherry Smith Indexing. Sherry is a full-time professional indexer, and also offers indexing classes, workshops, and one-to-one tutorials. The classes teach the basics of back-of-the-book indexing with an emphasis on text analysis. The workshops are designed for advanced and intermediate indexers who want to improve their skills and learn from other indexers. The one-to-one tutorials are designed for the person who wants to learn about back-of-the-book indexing and prefers individual instruction. A new book on the in-depth thought processes of indexers, Inside Indexing, written by Sherry Smith and Kari Kells is available at www.insideindexing.com.

Kari Kells and IndexWest - indexer and indexer teacher. Kari Kells, as IndexWest, offers classes in the Olympia-area. Kari Kells makes it look easy. A new book on the in-depth thought processes of indexers, Inside Indexing, written by Kari Kells and Sherry Smith is available at www.insideindexing.com.

Deborah Patton at www.pattonindexing.com - Debora is an exceedingly competent indexer, having indexed over 400 books in a number of fields. She will know when and how to break the "rules" to provide a book with a most accurate and intuitive index.

Do Mi Stauber Indexing - Do Mi Stauber, a nationally known and highly respected indexer and indexing teacher, is now the author of a new book on indexing. Facing the Text: Content and Structure in Book Indexing is available from her website at www.domistauberindexing.com. Also available at her website: information on her popular "Facing the Text" workshops.

American Society of Indexers - The American Society of Indexers is the only professional organization in the United States devoted solely to the advancement of indexing, abstracting, and database building. As a service to the publishing community, it publishes a directory of freelance indexers organized by subject specialty and geographic area.

Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society of Indexers offers a self-selected, online list of indexers who are members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society of Indexers and who are willing to be contacted about freelance indexing assignments. The PNW Chapter encourages each publisher to discuss projects with indexers and confirm appropriate qualifications: http://www.pnwasi.org/membsub.htm a list of indexing courses in the Pacific Northwest can be seen here.

Society of Indexers, an international organization providing a wealth of indexing research, education, and history for over 40 years.

A comprehensive site about indexing books and related matter, including information about the owner, samples of his work, tutorials about indexing and links to other indexers by name, company, specialty, place. http://www.anindexer.com