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Martha Osgood
Back Words Indexing

Since 1996

author of the index in
Inside Indexing:
the Decisionmaking Process

by Sherry Smith & Kari Kells




Why you'll want Back Words Indexing to write the index to the next book you publish

• I'm experienced. Since 1996, I've completed indexes on various topics to the satisfaction of both authors and publishers; you will notice that publishers and authors use my services more than just once.

• My background and preparation include a BA with Honors in Philosophy, a minor in German, and significant course work in Religious Studies.

• With over 18 years as a business owner and over twelve as an indexer, my professional Photo of Martha Osgoodphilosophy is "No Excuses." I have never missed a deadline.

• I am familiar with the publishing process, with standards, style guides, deadlines, and submission formats. I use the latest computer-assist software (I do the intellectual work; the software handles the concrete items such as indention, placement, and alphabetization).

• I recognize whether, when, and which rules to follow or to break in order to meet the particular needs of your book and its readers.

• I was one of the workshop speakers at the 2004 national convention of the American Society for Indexing, whose journal, chapters, members, and annual conferences have provided continuing education opportunities for indexers for over 30 years.

• I've served as Co-President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Pacific Northwest chapter of the American Society for Indexing.

• I read and have contributed to KeyWords, the American Society of Indexer's newsletter. I also subscribe to the journal of the Society of Indexers, an international organization providing a wealth of indexing research, education, and history for over 40 years.

• In 1999 I founded and manage the IndexPeers email listserv where more than 340 professional indexers critique each other's work in order to increase their skills.

• I am a member of the Order of the Kohlrabi (2003) for significant volunteer service to ASI in the advancement of indexers and indexing.

• In March 2005, I served as one of seven national Wilson Award judges for ASI to honor excellence in indexing for indexes published in 2004.

• In May 2008, I was honored with the Hines Award for continuous dedication and exceptional service to the American Society for Indexing, the highest award ASI offers.

• Before deciding to index seriously, I had alphabetized my spices for many years (which shows that I am organized, orderly, meticulous by nature, and perhaps even just a little fussy—excellent qualities to find in your indexer).

Contact me by email—or if you need immediate assistance, please call (541) 484-1180.